Other projects

I have done a lot of small projects over the years, and here's a fairly complete listing of them.

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Android apps


My first math game concept. It is a classic rapid-fire addition game where you race against the clock to add as many numbers as you can. My Android apps are made before I picked up Material Design, so most of them use garish colors. I liked that at the time.


My second math game project, this time based on anovel concept of composing the given numbe rby its prime factors. It works well, but is not addictive and a bit of a UX nightmare.

LibreFM Stream

Originally a part of a challenge to create an Android installation with as many FOSS parts as possible, this app plays an endless stream of songs from the libre.fm collection. It's still a UX nightmare, but at least I followed some design patterns and made something that doesn't look garish! This app is now partially broken due to LibreFM's thumbnails being dead links.

Funkwhale client

Another app for a music streaming service. This is a fun exercise in commonalities between parts and managing complexity. There's a much better alternative now.

PC apps and scripts


This started when I wanted to try out YouTube's brand new (at the time) 360 video feature. Since I do not have a 360° camera nor expensive software, I wrote a shellscript that uses ffmpeg and hugin to stitch 6 videos taken from a videogame - up, down, left, right, forward, and back views - into a correctly formatted 360° video.

Text to Teletext

A small program that takes a text file and makes valid teletext pages out of it. It teaches me more about string manipulation in C (which is a hassle!)

A little curiosity about routing algorithms

I have been wondering for a while: What happens if you use a routing algorithm on an empty space, plop down a barrier on a random location on the calculated route, and do it over and over again? This program does exactly that.

Big Clock

This is the first GUI program I have written using C++. Using Haiku's API, I wrote an applet that shows the time in big letters (which does not already exist at the time) and put it on my screensaver, emulating the lock screen on my daily OS.

Number calling software

A commissioned work (although I didn't get paid for this one)! This is a queue card system for a small hospital department where each counter has a separate queue and the patients are given their queue numbers independently. The software half is rather simple and the hardware is quite easy to find, and I'm waiting for the hospital to contact me back about further steps.


I came across stenography a few months ago. This is a word drill app that helps me recall and type (write?) my first words quickly via spaced repetition. The software judges how well you remember a word by how long you took to respond, and allows you to immediately retry after a typo (misstroke) without having to backspace - a great help for beginners.

Minetest PRT

I implemented the PRT's user experience into a rail network built with the advtrains mod for Minetest. While this is the latest in a long line of rail network control software written for this mod, it is still the most complex thing I have tried to do. And it actually works pretty well!



Initially an xkcd-inspired classroom humor comic, this has turned into a semiregular series where I draw comics about technology, life, and the state of society.

Other physical drawings

I generally draw between classes or at school, so I use classroom equipment to draw - pen and paper, or sometimes an HB pencil. I often draw characters modelled after real life people as a study. I don't have any problems coming up with fun things to draw, but I do have problems coming up with my own OCs or drawing them out.

Digital painting

I generally paint on the computer when I want to draw in color. I couldn't get myself a graphics tablet, so I use either my laptop's touchpad or draw with my finger on my phone's screen. It works well with me as I'm used to a pen's fixed stroke width anyway.

3D modelling

I've made a few forays into 3D polygon modelling, although I never got very far into it. Blender is naturally my software of choice.


My music

Yup, I also make some music in my free time! I don't stick to a particular genre, but pseudo-chiptune is probably the closest category. I enjoy harmony more than noise or glitch.

FX United

A small partnership between me and other 3 Scratch users to create music together. While short-lived, we had a lot of fun mashing up each other's styles and creating music much more complex and advanced than any of us can do on our own.