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The comment section is now open!

After making my website IWeb-compatible and writing my very own little program in Flask, my site is now ready to receive comments!

To get your comment displayed on this site, simply send the article a Webmention. If you're in the IndieWeb ecosystem, your website might've already done this for you.


The Spirit Princess - Why you really, really shouldn't kill a god

Princess Mononoke is the first Ghibli film I have ever watched, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The visuals, while necessarily with less parallax due to being hand-drawn, is easily readable and a sight to admire. And while the storyboarding might be weird to follow, I don't have a lot of problems keeping track of what's going on. Most importantly though, the film also touches on many philosophical questions - classical Ghibli style. In addition to godhood, it asks us to look back at those neverending conflicts - and how silly they seem now.


Book Friday: "Life on Mars" - Jennifer Brown

Do not let this hobby consume you. But also let its gravitational pull earn you earnest friendships.

I have finally finished the book "Life on Mars"! It's a nice and calm read that goes by fast enough to stop it from becoming too boring. Sure, the writing leaves *a lot* to be desired, and everyone is just too darn annoying at times, but you *can* indeed waste your two hours with this one.

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