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Mackie's Qs: "พรุ่งนี้อาจไม่มีฉัน" by "Palmy" seems oddly Bhuddist.

26 December, 2019

 Tomorrow I might not be,
Tomorrow you might not be.
Tomorrow no one knows
whether "we" will be.

Disney's Lion King musical: Why porting is not trivial

28 October, 2019

I have just watched the aggressively advertised "Lion King: The Musical" (Told ya I'd post about every film and such I watch!), and… let's just say, it absolutely needs that aggressive advertising.

Don't get me wrong, there are many good setpieces, and each one is brilliantly executed in lockstep. The choreography is perfect, the fog jet machines fired precisely on the beat in beautiful harmony with the music, and the on-script voices are right on point. However, when the whole thing is put together… there is barely any coherence or graspable plotline in the zoomed-out lens. It feels more like a pile of shiny cobble rather than a polished workpiece.

"The Lion King" is the Sonic Forces of musicals.


The Man-God-Nature complex, aka my brain after "Tenki no Ko"

25 September, 2019

I just watched “Tenki no Ko” (“Weathering with you”, a rather cheesy translation I might add), and within the post-Your Name hype and the Yandere jokes often used in the movie (Why are the girls saying the male protagonist is looking at their boobs so often?), the visuals and sounds really catapult you into the universe. The story is mainly about the boy meeting and dating a random stranger that turns out to be the legendary Sunshine Girl, but SO many things are explored in the movie and never finished - some reviewers actually complained about the lack of cohesiveness!


The belittled, wind-cooled train line that costs 1¢ a kilometer

16 September, 2019

"Huamak station. This is Train 428 heading towards Bangkok. Please make sure you do not leave your belongings behind."

The announcement above probably reminds you of a ride on the ICE train from Berlin to Paris you took with your parents and sister, but what if I were to tell you that the train I'm on when I heard that (of course in Thai, the native language here) is often used for commuting, stops at stations 3km apart, and has no seat assignments on the ticket?

Welcome to the SRT commuter train.


A new template for single articles

14 September, 2019

The default template of my website sure looks different, but for a reason: It is originally based on cards (hence the CSS class name), not single articles. So when I used it to display single articles like this, it just looks... overkill.

Let's change that with a new template! It has a much less rounded corner, and slightly smaller shadows as well. In addition, I'm trying to make it easy as Markdown to write posts on this site, so stay tuned for a remix of Element CSS!


Reorganizing my site

11 September, 2019

Recently it has come to my attention that Neocities is a blog hoster of sorts and is against being a "file dump". This is a shame, because that's exactly what I generally use my personal domains for.

For that, welcome to the revamped site tree! This website will now be used for longer posts (such as project postmortems). For shorter, more frequent posts, you can find me on social media!

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