Mackie's Qs: "พรุ่งนี้อาจไม่มีฉัน" by "Palmy" seems oddly bhuddist.

26 December, 2019

This is a mini-post.

It's originally a school assignment, so please ignore the contrivedness in some spots. Consider this a late christmas present. See ya!
 I don't wish for anything more
How it is has a value of gold
It's more valuable than all else,
when you and me are together.

 I don't have any regrets
I don't have any needs
Just you and me, together as a we
This is all I need.

 Tomorrow I might not be,
Tomorrow you might not be,
Tomorrow no one knows
whether "we" will be.

 We have learned in life
We have found our love
Just being this way,
we're ahead of the Curve

 Tomorrow I might not be,
Tomorrow you might not be,
Tomorrow no one knows
whether "we" will be.
This is a really rough translation of a song in my native language. You can check out the original lyrics here or the music video here!

Ah, the classic question about the purpose of life.

There are three things consistent to all forms of living; Impermanence, taxes suffering, and self-lessness. The artist made clear that they are aware everything will change. The artist could die. Their partner could die. They could die in sixty years. They could die tomorrow morning in a car crash. Or the two might simply lose interest and split up in a week. Something will happen, the artist knows, but it doesn't matter because they had already fulfilled their purpose in life.

Or had they? (Besides, there are hundreds of words and five keywords to go. Stopping here would be a disgrace.)

For a hard buddhist who strictly follows the 4 noble truths (a term that probably doesn't apply to any of us), this route is hilariously wrong. the goal of Buddhism is to eradicate your dependency on Kama, yet there they are, following their natural Passion of love, clinging to the conscious form of the romantic relationship and the sense that everything will be great, and making "only a half-arsed effort" towards Bhawana/Panna of the threefold training. Enjoying the four kinds of clinging, caressing the five aggregates right in the face, blindly following their Passion, disfollowing the threefold training, only going through the four noble truths for the O-Net, and utterly disregarding the truth described clear as day in the other third of the three kinds of being, that living is always a story of suffering and the only real way out is the path towards Nirvana, they have been going the utterly stupid —

Breathe. Breathe.

The goal of their life is Happiness, not to not need happiness. We're burning fossil fuels in our cars even though we all know we can't do this forever. As long as they're enjoying themselves and knows how to let it all go, why not let them have their fun?