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Implementing a PRT-style system in Minetest

The PRT is a lost form of public transport which is basically taxis on a rail network. Just like light rail, you go to a special station to use the system. But like a taxi, you tell the system where you wish to go, wait for a small car to come pick up you and other travellers going to the same place, then the car brings you directly to your destination, navigating the grid of intersections and never stopping along the way. PRTs were thought to be the future of transport, but the high cost and complexity means it never caught on.


Sequential spaceport identifier specs

You might have heard me refer to Earth as "Sol C" before. This comes from my system for referring to spaceports by short codes! Honestly, it's just something I came up with and have fun using. Feel free to take this and use it in your own projects, either in fiction or in real life.

For example, Kennedy Space Center is Sol C2, and Brighton Beach from Orbiter SFS would be Sol Ca1. Notably, this system completely ignores space stations.


The state of Thai railway

Here in Thailand, we often follow the British way of things. Our schools are K-12, we drive on the left side of the road, and we use the Metric system. However, there's one curious thing we do that is closer to the US: our affinity for cars.

But we might have forgotten something. Let me steal a commonly-used statement: Train travel is so ubiquitous in Europe, and people ride those without a second thought. They are easy to book, comfortable, and travel faster than any car straight to the city center. Where did trains here in Thailand go? Why aren't our train system anywhere near as advanced?


Lianghan residents still disrespected, two years after the Pandemic

Zhan was checking into the hotel he had booked a room with online. The receptionist took his receipt and passport, took a good look at it, and handed both back. "I'm sorry, but I can't let you in to protect everyone else in the hotel" he says. "May I find you another place to stay?" A porter additionally brought him a pack of 5 disposable face masks, which Zhan politely declined.

The reason behind all this? Zhan is a resident of Lianghan.


Rants - Correlation and Causation

"Correlation is not causation." This tip has been passed around since ages ago, but it's still broken on a regular basis. And for good reason.


Citizens protest as government pauses space flights

Citizens from all over the United States are protesting against the TALLY Act - the Tactical Aerospace Launch Limitation Year. The act, passed earlier during March, would dedicate all US orbital launches until April 2046 for maintaining US military satellites. However, it also cancels all civilian spaceflights to and from America during this period - US citizens will not be able to hop across the globe in 2 hours for an entire year.


The comment section is now open!

After making my website IWeb-compatible and writing my very own little program in Flask, my site is now ready to receive comments!

To get your comment displayed on this site, simply send the article a Webmention. If you're in the IndieWeb ecosystem, your website might've already done this for you.


The Spirit Princess - Why you really, really shouldn't kill a god

Princess Mononoke is the first Ghibli film I have ever watched, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The visuals, while necessarily with less parallax due to being hand-drawn, is easily readable and a sight to admire. And while the storyboarding might be weird to follow, I don't have a lot of problems keeping track of what's going on. Most importantly though, the film also touches on many philosophical questions - classical Ghibli style. In addition to godhood, it asks us to look back at those neverending conflicts - and how silly they seem now.


Book Friday: "Life on Mars" - Jennifer Brown

Do not let this hobby consume you. But also let its gravitational pull earn you earnest friendships.

I have finally finished the book "Life on Mars"! It's a nice and calm read that goes by fast enough to stop it from becoming too boring. Sure, the writing leaves *a lot* to be desired, and everyone is just too darn annoying at times, but you *can* indeed waste your two hours with this one.

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