Hi! I'm Parnikkapore.

I'm a Sci-Tech geek doing various experiments with free-and-mostly-libre tools. Proudly using Linux as my daily driver!

What's here

Most of my posts (shitposts maybe) can be found on my Fedi profile. This website will mostly consist of longer-form blog posts, and maybe a few project postmortems.

Book Friday: "Life on Mars" - Jennifer Brown

24 January, 2020

Do not let this hobby consume you. But also let its gravitational pull earn you earnest friendships.

I have finally finished the book "Life on Mars"! It's a nice and calm read that goes by fast enough to stop it from becoming too boring. Sure, the writing leaves *a lot* to be desired, and everyone is just too darn annoying at times, but you *can* indeed waste your two hours with this one.