Hi! I'm Parnikkapore.

I'm a Sci-Tech geek doing various experiments with free-and-mostly-libre tools. Proudly using Linux as my daily driver!

What's here

Most of my posts (shitposts maybe) can be found on my Fedi profile. This website will mostly consist of longer-form blog posts, and maybe a few project postmortems.

Lianghan residents still disrespected, two years after the Pandemic

Zhan was checking into the hotel he had booked a room with online. The receptionist took his receipt and passport, took a good look at it, and handed both back. "I'm sorry, but I can't let you in to protect everyone else in the hotel" he says. "May I find you another place to stay?" A porter additionally brought him a pack of 5 disposable face masks, which Zhan politely declined.

The reason behind all this? Zhan is a resident of Lianghan.